The Finest Handcrafted Cheese Possible

Chiva Risa Ranch, 40 beautiful acres – 80 happy goats, makes artisanal, all natural, European-style cheese on an off-grid, sustainable site situated in the upper San Pedro River Valley near the Mexican Border.  We treat our animals, land, and cheese with the utmost care and respect. Sharing nature’s bounty with our community through finely crafted cheese is Chiva Risa’s primary goal.

Contact us:                                                      520-901-0429

Making Cheese, Raising Goats

~Our goats are happy and healthy.  They get pleny of exercise, hugs and kisses, treats and browse.  We use no routine antibiotics or hormones, feed NO GMO, No corn or soy.

We strive to make the finest handcrafted cheese possible.  With health, nutrition, and flavor foremost.  Our batches are small- about 25-35 gallons and we process everything by hand with limited equipment.                 

~Our goats browse the natural flora which adds subtle nuances to the cheese, which a discerning palate can  discern.                                                                                    
~Chiva Risa cheese demonstrates the terrior of the southwest.         

~Our milk receives the gentlest handling possible and is gently pasteurized (145 degrees for 30 min) and made into cheese within hours from milking, assuring freshness. 

The small batch size (about 30 gal of milk) allows distinct flavors of the milk and cheese cultures to develop.  
~We celebrate subtle differences in each cheese batch, indeed this is a hallmark of the artisanal dairy.                                                                         

 Chiva Risa Ranch
Watch us - at the ranch -- on KOLD Channel 13 News -- a 2 minute plus story by Paige Hansen -- Click Below
Farmers' Markets

Thurs- irregular at San Mercado, West Congress, Tucson -- As production allows

Sat- St Philips

Sunday - St Philip's

Arizona, Bisbee, Hereford, Tucson, Sierra Vista
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